Severe Economic Hardship

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) defines “severe economic hardship” as a financial condition caused by unforeseen circumstances beyond the
student’s control that make it difficult for a student to continue education in the United States.

These financial conditions may include:

  • Loss of financial aid or on-campus employment through no fault of the student.
  • Substantial changes in the exchange rate or value of the currency upon which the student depends.
  • Inordinate increases in tuition or living costs.
  • Unexpected changes in the financial state of the student’s source of support.
  • Medical bills.
  • Other substantial and unexpected expenses.


  • The employment authorization is automatically terminated whenever you fail to maintain immigration status;
  • Authorization to engage in practical training employment is automatically terminated when you transfer to another school or begins study at another educational level;
  • Post office does not forward mail form US CIS so please make sure you list the correct address on the application. 
For more information, please visit USCIS' website.

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