Transfer Out
If you wish to leave Salisbury University and transfer to another institution WITHIN the United States, you must complete this request, which officially informs the office of International Student Services of your intent, and allows us to update your SEVIS record for release to your new school.  Additionally, please be informed of the following:
  • All students in F-1 student status may have only one record in the SEVIS database;
  • Only one institution at a time may access a student’s record;
  • Though you may have applied to several institutions, you will need to specify ONE, to which you plan to transfer;
  • We will use the end date of Salisbury University’s current semester as your transfer release date.  Your new institution will not have access to your record until that date is reached. If you need an earlier release date, you will need to specify why.
  • If you decide to continue at Salisbury University, please let the International Student Advisor know before the transfer release date, as we will not have access to your record after the release date is reached;
  • Any authorization for employment (including CPT, OPT, economic hardship or on-campus employment) will be automatically terminated once the release date is reached;This procedure is only for release of your SEVIS record to your new institution.  You must still complete the transfer procedure by registering at the new school and reporting to the international student advisor there within 15 days of the beginning of their semester.